Once Upon Our Time Capsule elevates the voices of children during the pandemic.

Through collaboration with partners across Chicago and beyond, Once Upon Our Time Capsule is engaging kids to capture their stories of living through the pandemic by creating time capsules. By asking, listening, and learning from children, we foster unity, resilience, and optimism.

What’s a Time Capsule?
A Time Capsule is a container of important stories from the present that gets sealed or buried for discovery in the future.
Time Capsule Timeline
Timeline, step 0
Spring/Summer 2021
Reflect and Create
Kids create Time Capsules
Timeline, step 1
Fall 2021
Chicago's Giant Time Capsules are Sealed!
Chicago’s Giant Time Capsules are sealed and placed in iconic locations for the next five years
Timeline, step 2
Fall 2026
The Time Capsules are Opened!
Kids across the city (re)discover what life was like for kids in these historic years
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The Sealing Ceremony
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