Once Upon Our Time Capsule is on a mission to use time capsules to build community.

By helping kids contribute to an Annual Youth Time Capsule, we teach kids the power of sharing their stories and listening to the stories of others.

Every year, we create an Annual Youth Time Capsule, which documents the voices, experiences and perspectives of kids. In a spin on the traditional time capsule, these stories aren’t buried for the future – they’re digitally preserved, and open for ongoing learning and discovery.

How It Works


Through our SEL and arts-aligned curriculum, we help kids reflect on where they are and where they want to go, building their sense of confidence and agency.


By exposing kids to the stories of others, we help them to build a stronger sense of belonging and empathy.


We honor and document a diverse set of stories at a time of societal and generational complexity, change and unease.

Why We Do it

Kids across America are facing unprecedented levels of loneliness and our country is more divided than ever. Drawing on research about the power of stories to deepen connections between people, we help kids build a stronger sense of belonging and empathy during the critical developmental ages of 8-14. With a focus on equity, our goal is for kids to know their story and the stories of others matter – now, and in the future.