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Chicago Kids Seal COVID Experiences in Time Capsules
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Youth-decorated pandemic time capsules sealed in downtown ceremony—Chicago Sun Times
“There’s so much negativity about Chicago in the media and nationally and this is an example of how great our city is,” Russell said. Around 40 “organizations came together... to make this happen. And I just don’t believe that this would happen in every city in this country. We’re pulling together to really do something for our children.”
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Chicago Tribune covers Once Upon Our Time Capsule Launch

“All of it — the fear, the uncertainty, the perseverance, the hope — will forever shape Mila and the other children who’ve endured this past year, filled as it was with sacrifices and disappointments and sorrows and setbacks and triumphs.

And now a cool new program, conceived by two Chicago moms, aims to help kids make sense of what they lived through, even as they pave the way to help future generations better understand it.”

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With Once Upon A Time Capsule, Kids Learn How To Talk About How The Pandemic Affects Them—Block Club Chicago
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Kids participate in time capsule at Chicago Children’s Theatre
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‘You are the heroes now’: Chicago-area time capsule allows kids to share pandemic experiences—Daily Herald
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Time capsule project captures West Side youth’s pandemic lives—Austin Weekly
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Once Upon Our Time Capsule Founders join WGN News to talk about the launch of the project
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City Cast Chicago
“Today on City Cast Chicago, kids have had an especially hard time this past year, and I’ve wondered, how are they handling it, and what will they remember?”
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Chicago Kids Can Express Pandemic Feelings in Public Art Project—Chicago Parent
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Summer Learning Challenge with the Chicago Public Library
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“Once Upon Our Time Capsule” public art project helps 20,000+ kids reflect, move on from past year” — Chicago Star
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