Make a
Time Capsule

Kids! Your story is an important part of Chicago’s history. We have mapped out 5 simple steps to help you tell your story and make your Time Capsule. Make sure to share what you’ve made with us so you can be part of Chicago’s Giant Time Capsule.

Grown Ups! If you are a teacher, camp counselor, caregiver, or other grown up that works with kids, go here for curriculum, resources, and more.

Gather round!

Listen to Lizzy tell you about how we are going to get started!

Listen to our Time Capsule Fairy Tale

In a fairy tale, a character goes through highs and lows and becomes someone different: a hero. You went through highs and lows this year and you were so brave.

Listen to Terry's story to get an idea for your Time Capsule story!

Reflect & Imagine

Your Once Upon a Time Capsule story is going to have:

  • A beginning: before Covid
  • A middle: during Covid with a challenge and a joy
  • An end: after Covid, where you look toward a brighter future!

Watch this video with Micah to reflect on the past and imagine what’s coming up next!

Tell Your Time Capsule Story

Now that you’ve reflected and imagined, you are ready to tell your own Time Capsule story!

There are lots of ways to do it!

Make a collage. Draw a picture. Write a story or a play. Do a dance. Take photos. Shoot videos. The sky’s the limit!

Get your materials ready and tell your story!

Take your time…
When you’re done in a few minutes, an hour, or even a few days, take a photo or video of what you’ve made before you go on.

Don’t forget to include your first name and age!

Create Your Container

You can find a special object to go with your story inside of your Time Capsule container.

Your story deserves to be kept in a special place. If you created a story on paper, let’s build a container that you can put it in! You can use a bottle, a paper towel roll, a box, an envelope, anything—something that will keep your responses hidden until the future!

Now Submit! Upload pictures or video of your Time Capsule story and Time Capsule container right here. If you want to, you can also drop off your physical Time Capsule at select public libraries starting June 1!

Once you submit, your story is part of Chicago’s Giant Time Capsule!
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