The Great Wind

A children's book page showing the Chicago skyline.
We are excited to share a new children’s book, The Great Wind, that amplifies the experiences and art submitted by youth in the 2021 Chicago Time Capsule. 
Children's book cover titled The Great Wind
A young girl holds up her copy of the Our Time Capsule book, 'The Great Wind'
This book changed my life. It helped me understand that other kids went through the same thing as me.
9-year old student, Carole Robertson Center for Early Learning
A children's book page showing photographs of kids learning new skills under quarantine.
A young girl at a table of children reading The Great Wind looks up from her book and smiles.

If you are interested in a digital or print copy, please get in touch at email placeholder

A girl beams and holds her copy of OTC's book, The Great Wind.
Children's book page showing kids scootering, with the text 'Your Stories Matter'
A stack of OTC's book, The Great Wind.